The all-in-one Workshop platform


Introducing the Klaxoon Workshop Platform!

Our beta version has undergone extensive testing with over 1,000 users worldwide, resulting in a feature-rich experience.

Our primary goal is to empower teams to achieve optimal engagement. To accomplish this, we have enhanced every crucial aspect of the workshop platform, ensuring ease of use, a seamless experience, reduced wasted time, increased impact, and the ability to engage anytime, anywhere.

The latest Board Hybrid update delivers 20% more space and an intuitive navigation system, enabling smoother collaboration.

Taking it a step further, Session now includes Live, our built-in video conferencing tool, allowing real-time communication. Additionally, you can effortlessly load any document type for seamless sharing and collaboration.

Our network has been elevated to new heights, thanks to improved filtering and event organization, making seminar follow-up a breeze.

Furthermore, we have enriched team engagement analysis by providing comprehensive data and statistics obtained through memos and questions, enabling deeper insights.

For more information, please refer to Kitimi, where you can find detailed resources and further explore the Klaxoon Workshop Platform.