Doctolib: From French Innovation to Market Monopoly

Doctolib, initially hailed as a French idea turned national success story, is often perceived as a simple and effective online service connecting patients with doctors. This platform has become a leader in its sector, but behind this success story lies a more complex reality.

Less highlighted is the fact that Doctolib has become a monopoly, established in the quiet oversight of the Competition Authority, which did not intervene when Doctolib acquired its main competitor. With the support of the Public Investment Bank, Doctolib was able to eliminate its major competitors and achieve a valuation of over one billion euros.

The French government also played a role in this rise by entrusting Doctolib with the organization of the vaccination campaign, a role traditionally assigned to health insurance funds in other countries.

This near-monopoly situation leaves users (both professionals and patients) facing the risk of being at the mercy of a “financial monster” application that has yet to achieve profitability. The implications of such dominance in the health market remain a subject of concern and debate.