Chris Smoove, a popular TikToker known for asking strangers about their outfits and finances, recently interviewed Kanye West. Smoove shared a video of himself questioning West about the cost of his outfit.

In the video, West consistently responded with “I don’t know” to most of Smoove’s inquiries, except when asked about his watch, to which he replied, “$200,000.”

The TikTok clip showcased Smoove’s signature style of engaging with individuals regarding their fashion choices, financial matters, and social media usage.

Over the weekend, Smoove uploaded a video featuring West, where he asked about the price of his outfit, which prominently included a Balenciaga bag. Despite West’s repeated “I don’t know” responses, he disclosed that his watch alone was valued at “$200,000.”

While the specific watch West wore in the video remains unidentified, GQ has reported on his watch collection, which includes a notable timepiece like the Cartier Crash. One of these watches recently fetched a record-breaking price of $225,000 at a Christie’s auction.

Smoove also shared an Instagram photo of himself posing with West, seemingly taken on the same day as the video shoot.

According to PageSix, West was in New Canaan, Connecticut, on Friday to visit Grace’s Farm, an 80-acre “humanitarian and cultural center.”

In 2018, as reported by the Daily Mail, Kim Kardashian West revealed that the rapper had completely transformed her wardrobe when they began dating. Kanye West has also made his mark in the fashion industry with his own clothing lines, including the release of $90 Gap Hoodies and $200 Gap Puffer Jackets earlier this year.