The criticisms echo those lodged in SoHo. The plan, which also includes part of the adjacent NoHo neighborhood, would allow 3,200 additional apartments over the next 10 years, including approximately 800 affordable units in an area that had fewer than 8,000 residents in the 2010 census. The plan would also allow for more commercial development, including offices and retail.

Some SoHo residents worry that the commercial rezoning will increase the number of chain retailers. And many say that more development could accelerate gentrification in surrounding communities like Chinatown.

“We need to target white affluent communities to build affordable housing, to build equity and diversity,” said Christopher Marte, who successfully ran for the City Council seat representing Lower Manhattan, including SoHo, by campaigning against the rezoning. “I believe this plan is going to do the opposite of that.”

Carlina Rivera and Margaret Chin, the two council members currently representing the rezoning area whose support is crucial for its passage, said in a statement that it was important that SoHo and NoHo “generate their fair share of affordable housing” but said they were still working with the city to refine the plan.

Under rules implemented by Mr. de Blasio, developers must set aside a modest percentage of residential units as affordable homes in the rezoning area. But whether developers will do so depends significantly on their ability to take advantage of tax breaks, some of which are set to expire next year, said Eric Kober, a senior fellow with the Manhattan Institute.

Mr. Kober said he supported the passage of the plans, noting that they would “produce some housing.” But he said not all developers may be able to make the financial numbers work, limiting the overall effectiveness of the rezoning program.

“You can’t force any property to make a money-losing investment,” he said.

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New York Targets Affluent Neighborhoods in Push for Affordable Housing – The New York Times
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