Doctolib crushes its competitors

Doctolib could have been the story of a French idea that became a national success, the story of a simple online service effectively connecting patients and doctors, which became a leader in its niche.
It is this story that is put forward by Doctolib, but the platform is actually Doctolib is a monopoly that was built in the silence of the Competition Authority which did not react when Doctolib bought its main competitor.
With the support of the Public Investment Bank that Doctolib was able to eliminate its main competitors and be valued at more than one billion euros

It is also with the decision of the French government to grant it in its broadest lines the organization of the vaccination campaign instead of the health insurance fund as in other countries.

This situation of near monopoly leaves users (professionals and patients) facing the danger of finding themselves at the mercy of a financial monster application that has not yet met profitability.


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